How to Play


Updated [January 28, 2018]

uPushiT Ultimate Challenge is a wide-scale game competition platform where you play fun games against real people, in real-time for the opportunity to win real cash.

We only offer system-wide tournament structured competitions. There is no head to head or team vs team based jackpots or wagering of any kind on our platform. We do not collect money for prize distribution.

No purchase necessary to enter a tournament. Tournament entries are free. The first game play of each tournament is considered the tournament entry and therefore is free to participate.

Tournaments can run from (1) day to (7) days. The start date and end date are posted with each tournament. You can only enter a tournament during a scheduled "Game Party Event". If you attempt to enter a tournament at any other time, the system will block you from entering. Once a tournament ends, the system removes it from the tournament lobby and archives it under tournament history so you can keep track of all tournament activities.

Our tournaments consist of quick play challenges that can be completed as quickly as (5) minutes. Game play can vary depending on the game itself.

Each game has its own competition format. Tap on the available game to see the list of active tournaments for that game.

Game Party Events

In order for you to play in a tournament, you must be matched against a live opponent. The system can only match you to an opponent for game play if you and that opponent are in "Sync Mode" at the same time. Therefore, we schedule game party events so that everyone has a dedicated time to come together and match up with opponents for game play.

You can only enter a tournament during a scheduled "Game Party Event". If you attempt to enter a tournament at any other time, the system will block you from entering. To locate scheduled events, simply go to the "Game Party Schedule" page under the main menu and tap on "View Scheduled Events".

Sync Mode

Once you tap "Yes" to enter a tournament, the system goes into "Sync Mode". This is when the system is attempting to "sync" you with an opponent for match play. We use the term "sync" because once two players are matched together, the system will keep the same two players synced together until game play is completed even if one of the players is disconnected for whatever reason.

You can only be matched to an opponent if you and others are in Sync Mode at the same time. For example, if we schedule a game party event for 8:00 PM EST (Eastern Standard Time) and you attempt to enter that tournament at 8:00 PM EST, the system will only be able to match you to an opponent if others also attempt to enter the tournament around the same time. If a user is available, the system will connect you to that user within seconds.

You can stay in Sync Mode for up to 10 minutes before the system terminates your connection attempt. However, if you're not connected within 3 minutes, it’s advised to tap exit and try again. This is to keep the search from going stale. The system will only allow you to re-enter the tournament as long as you are still within the game party event's scheduled time slot. If you are no longer within the allowed time slot, the system will block your re-entry attempt and you will have to wait until the next scheduled game party event. Your tournament entry or option challenge session is not counted until you successfully start game play.


uMatchiT Precious Gems

uMatchiT Precious Gems is an intense (2) item memory match game where you play head-to-head in real-time against real people. You will never play against a computer bot.

Each game board consists of (15) gems that are loaded in random positions each game. The objective is to locate the matching pair of gems. Players alternate between turns and each player gets (2) tries or (15) seconds to make a match before the system moves on to the next player.

Your goal is to out match your opponent and win the most points, but even if you don't, you're not out the tournament yet! You still have Option Challenges to help maximize your score and take first place. So don't give up on one bad game!

uMatchiT Precious Gems is designed to provide a fun, easy flow experience and stomach fluttering competition.

Tournament Lobby

The tournament lobby is where you will find all active tournaments. Once a tournament ends, it's archived by the system and can be retrieved under "Tournament History".

Detailed aspects of each tournament is posted including:

  • Prize List - this link displays the payout structure based on tournament position.
  • Date - this is the tournament start and end date.
  • Entries - this is the total number of players that have entered the tournament.
  • Max Score - this is the maximum amount of tournament points that can be won if you play all Option Challenges and win all Match Play points.
  • Cash Prizes - this is the total cash payout to be distributed.
  • Cost Per Challenge - this is the amount of Push Tokens required to play an Option Challenge.
  • Challenge Limit - this is the maximum number of challenges allowed for the specific tournament including the Tournament Entry.

Match Play & Scoring

Once you choose to enter a uMatchiT Precious Gems tournament, the system auto-matches you to a live opponent for match play based on availability. You don't have the option to choose whom you play against.

At the start of each game, the system chooses which player is to start the match by alphabetical order using the last name.

Scoring consists of (2) types of points: Match Play Points and Tournament Points.

Match Play points are points earned each time you successfully find a match during game play. The number of points won in Match Play determines which player wins the match.

There is a maximum of (27) Match Play points that can be won per game play. Each match consists of (12) standard gems and (3) bonus gems. Standard gems are worth (1) point each. Bonus gems include:

  • Crown Jewel - worth (6) points.
  • OPA Gemstone - worth (5) points.
  • Black Zapper - "zaps" (4) points away from opponent and gives them to the player that found the match.

Tournament points determine how players rank in the tournament. The more points won during game play, the higher rank position you'll place in the tournament, thus the more cash you can win.

The system uses your final Match Play points won per game play to calculate your tournament points. Tournament points are calculated at the end of each game play.

There is a maximum of 320 tournament points that can be won per game play. Tournament Points are calculated as follows:

  • TP = total match play points (x) 10
  • The winner of the match receives an additional 50 bonus tournament points

For example, say during game play you scored a total of 15 points and your opponent scored 12 points. Your initial tournament score will be: 150 (15 x 10). But because you won the match, you will receive an additional 50 bonus points, so your total tournament score will be: 200 (150 + 50).

Player rank positions are listed on the leader board

Option Challenges

An Option Challenge is "optional" game play where you can participate to maximize your tournament score. You are not required to play an option challenge to participate in tournaments.

Option Challenges provide you the option to challenge more users for match play. Use them as a strategic way to maximize your tournament score and strengthen your tournament position.

Each tournament offers limited Option Challenges. The number of allowed Option Challenges is limited by the system and is posted with each tournament under "Challenge Limit".

The system blocks game play once the maximum number of allowed challenges is reached for the specific tournament. The first challenge of each tournament is always the Tournament Entry and is free. All challenges afterwards are Option Challenges.

Push Tokens are required to play Option Challenges. The amount of Push Tokens required per Option Challenge is posted with each tournament under "Cost Per Challenge".

Push Tokens

A Push Token is virtual currency created by our company to be used by our system. One Push Token is equivalent to (1) cent.

Push Tokens are offered in packages of:

  • 100 (cost = $1 + 0.50 PayPal Fee)
  • 300 (cost = $3 + 0.65 PayPal Fee)
  • 500 (cost = $5 + 0.75 PayPal Fee)

Push Tokens can only be purchased through PayPal. Users are responsible for PayPal fees. When purchasing Push Tokens, PayPal fees are added to the total.

Free Push Tokens can be earned in limited capacity by sharing our services on Facebook or creating a YouTube video:

  • Make a Facebook post to your Facebook wall pertaining to our awesome game competition and receive 25 Push Tokens per share. Limited to (1) share per month.
  • Create a YouTube video on your channel pertaining our game competition including live game play and receive 50 Push Tokens. Limited to (1) video per month.

Push Tokens can't be redeemed or traded for cash.

Winnings & Payouts

We believe in 100% transparency. Total prize pool and payout structure are not based on number of entries. We do not collect money for prize pool distribution. Payout structure is posted with each tournament under "Prize List".

Past leaderboards and tournament winners are archived under "Tournament History".

There are no tiebreakers or sudden death matches. Winnings will be split evenly amongst all players sharing the same score.

Winnings are paid in USD. A PayPal account is required to receive winnings. We do not and will not send checks or deposit through money transfers.

We never hold winnings. All winnings are deposited directly into your PayPal account at the end of each tournament competition. Please allow 3 to 5 business days for payment processing.

You are responsible for all PayPal fees. PayPal fees are deducted from winnings.

You are required to register at uPushiT Ultimate Challenge using a valid email address. All cash winners of each tournament will be sent a notification to the email address used for registration. Only one prize notification will be sent to each winner at the end of each tournament.

You are responsible for tracking winner notifications. Winner notifications will be sent from email: "". It's highly recommended to place this email on your "friendly" email list to prevent it from getting lost in your junk mail box.

During notification, you will be asked if your PayPal account is the same as your registered email address. If the email address used for registration is different than the email address used for PayPal, then we will need your PayPal account in order to deposit payment.

System Functionality

We designed our system for stability and fair gaming, however nothing is perfect and there are times where things will go wrong.

During game play, each player has (15) seconds to complete their turn. If a player goes (3) consecutive turns without any activity, the system goes into "penalty mode".

For the player that's in penalty status, the time to complete their turn is reduced to (7) seconds. This is maintain game fairness for the opposing player. Penalty status is removed and normal play resumes once the player shows activity.

Once (2) players are matched for game play, the system is designed to keep those players synced until the game is complete, meaning all blocks are matched.

In the event, one player is disconnected either by the system or by the user, the system will keep both players synced and attempt to reconnect the player. The game will not pause; instead, the disconnected player will go into penalty status and the connected player can continue to play until the game is complete.

In the event both players once matched are disconnected, the system will keep the players synced and attempt to reconnect for (10) minutes before expiring the game session.

Players are not allowed to replay a match. Once the match is over, players must exit the game in order to play a new game. You can only enter game play through the tournament lobby.

Upon exiting the game, the system will exit to the tournament lobby where you can choose to enter a new match against a new opponent.

User Rank

The User Rank is a system calculated statistic that uses your total wins vs total losses over the life of your tournament history to determine your rank. The User Rank is dynamic, meaning it changes as you participate in tournaments and is represented as a percentage. The User Rank = (total number of wins ÷ total number of challenges x 100).

There are (6) rank levels:

  • Beginner = 0 - 20% (displayed as one bronze banner)
  • Amateur = 21 - 40% (displayed as two bronze banners)
  • Rookie = 41 - 60% (displayed as 3 silver banners)
  • Expert = 61 - 80% (displayed as 4 silver banners)
  • Pro = 81 - 90% (displayed as 5 gold banners)
  • All Star = 91 - 100% (displayed as 6 gold banners)

For example, if you've won 70% of your total challenges across all tournaments combined, then your User Rank will be "Expert".